Total Outsourcing

Changing times requires changing alliances. Organizations co-partner with organizations that bring expertise and deliver value for stake holders. The organizations are split into processes, with every process either done in house or outsourced to experts with stringent performance monitoring criteria's.

A total out sourcing model (TOS) in IT services, comprises of organization outsourcing their complete IT to a third party organization, who will make sure all the business requirement for the business are met, this shall include but not limited to, complete IT infrastructure, company processes, technology requirement of the company, vendor management and any business requirement with respect to technology solution to be taken care by vendor.

At Binary, we provide end-to-end best of breed IT practices for your business, with our experience in transforming multiple diversified business, with highly qualified project managers, we not only bring efficiency to the business, but act as an technological edge against the competitors, where in the organization can fully focus on the growth of the business without worrying on the technology to achieve it.