Board Room Build

Boardrooms at one time were considered as status symbol and image booster for large enterprises, however it is considered as an important place where multiple people collaborate, discuss and share ideas. Today a person does not need to be physically present in office to attend a meeting, he can be sitting in different office, or travelling, but still can be part of the meeting and collaborate with other team members seamlessly, hence it becomes all the more important to deliver best board room experience so that ideas can flow seamlessly.

At Binary, after careful research, customer interactions and multi project exposures, we have summarized key deliverables for a modern board room design

Users in the Boardroom should be able to:

  • Present and annotate the digital content whether document, Images or Video
  • Multiple users can use different display medium to show the presentation, like sales person can use one screen and simultaneously other sales person uses the other display screen.
  • Record the proceeding of the meeting in high quality
  • Use the equipment without much training.
  • Communicate with other offices seamlessly
  • Communicate and Collaborate the travelling users.
  • Allow interactive polling to get unbiased views on key issues.

Key Highlights

  • Large screen display with multi window capability allowing simultaneous display of PCs, video, documents, Cable TV inputs
  • HD audio and video Conferencing with other offices and travelling users.
  • Document camera to view the documents.
  • Multiple Cameras to focus on the white board and the presenter.
  • Real time PC, Whiteboard and document collaborations with multiple office and users.
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations over IP networks
  • Voting system with real time poll results
  • User-friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialling, lighting etc
  • Pre-set lighting system to suit the various functions of the room
  • White boarding (capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing, printing etc) and Annotation (highlighting specific content)
  • Audio system ensures that speech and program audio are equally audible in all parts of the room

Solution Components

  • Display System
  • Projectors
  • Projector Screen
  • Audio System
  • Matrix switchers & Scalers
  • Lighting Controls
  • Central Touch Panel Control System
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Cable Cubby/Popup Box